A golfing glove that does more than giving a better grip

Sensosolutions www.sensoglove.com, a provider of sports analysis, motion and performance measurement systems, has announced SensoGlove, said to be the world’s first golf glove with built-in digital sensors that continuously reads the user’s grip pressure to ensure a consistently accurate, smooth and...

10 nations to converge in Nairobi at AITEC’s world-class ICT Summit

Just when you thought you had caught up on latest developments in the fast-paced ICT sector, Africa’s premier ICT events organizer AITEC is bringing to East Africa yet another principal conference that experts say will challenge preconceptions and assumptions around global current trends and hot topics in...

The next Windows

Windows 8 was unveiled – at least in preview form – for the developer community last week. What does it mean for users and for Microsoft? ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK explores its significance. Last week saw the preview of the way more than a billion people will be using computers a couple of years from now. The...

Creating tomorrow’s business legends

Legends is an award-winning enterprise development programme with a special focus on Black-owned, women-led, rural and community-based businesses. The overall vision of the programme is to permanently change lives for the better.

Out of the frying pan and into the truck

A Cape Town-based renewable energy company, BioGreen Diesel, is pioneering the conversion of waste cooking oil into less expensive, pollution-free fuel for diesel-engined vehicles.

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