Ebotse Golf and Country Estate

Image1Ebotse Golf and Country Estate in Benoni, Gauteng, is an example of what can be achieved with vision, an entrepreneurial spirit, determination and perseverance.

Although it was in the heart of residential Benoni, the site of the Ebotse development had been avoided by all and sundry as it was an old disused sand mine that was overgrown with wattles. Environmentally the site was problematic with the waste dumps and non indigenous trees.


Image2To the adjacent residents it was an eye sore and a nuisance, a place to be avoided as it was inhabited by vagrants and the homeless, presenting a security risk to them. As is so often the case no one scratched under the surface to discover the gem staring them in the face, until a group of entrepreneurs got hold of it that is.

Over a period of 7 years what was at face value a wasteland not worth considering was turned into a place of beauty within an enhanced environment. People want to live and play golf there as is demonstrated by the houses and golfers.

Was the process without its difficulties?

Absolutely not. Not many groups take old mining sites that contain significant inherent risks and convert them into golf and country estates.

The difference?

Vision, courage and determination for what could be, not what couldn’t be. The development of Sun City is a similar case in point.

The developers did not try to do it all on their own however. The end result is a tangible demonstration following due process together with innovation, lateral thought and teamwork by the developers, professionals and contractors, all driven by a desire to achieve the end goal in spite of the naysayers and opposition.


The bottom line is that opportunities exist right in front of our eyes. The question is, do we see them and do we have the courage to see then through, like the Ebotse developers as they created the Beautiful Place?