The AfricaPositive project

The vision

AfricaPositive is a 21st Century brand which is both an information portal and a content destination, a network of people and an economic resource, a platform for leadership and a mobilizing tool.

It is founded on the premise of advancing the cause of sustainable economic growth inAfrica. Its ethos is one of tolerance and unity, with a vision of empowering ordinary people, entrepreneurs and leaders inAfrica. As a non-partisan, nongovernmental wealth and work creation movement, it harnesses the continent’s vast reservoir of talent, resources, opportunities, entrepreneurial energy and ancient cultures and values.

Through this melting pot of knowledge, understanding and strategy, AfricaPositive promotes creative thinking, effective management and positive activities which generate economic development throughout the continent, but is not uncritical in doing so.

The team

AfricaPositive’s core team shares networking and publishing experience across Africa spanning more than 30 years. It includes publishing expertise, journalistic skills, and financial expertise and enterprise. As the management structure is formalised and additional skills brought on board, the specific roles and duties of key members will be mapped out.

The company

AfricaPositive is structured as an alliance of respected entities – companies, organisations and individuals – that each bring their own areas of expertise to the organisation, ranging from traditional publishing and online publishing to financial management and investment to social upliftment and empowerment to market intelligence and strategic marketing.

The goals

AfricaPositive aims to mobilise the goodwill that exists between Africans of diverse persuasions and ethnic groups into an efficient non-partisan, non-governmental wealth and work creation movement that harnesses the continent’s vast reservoir of talent, resources, opportunities, entrepreneurial energy and its best ancient and modern cultures and values. In doing so, it aims:

  • To launch an easily accessible multi-media awareness campaign which identifies and publicises positive initiatives, innovations and opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to participate in this process, while not failing to be critical where it perceives this necessary. Central to the campaign will be the web portal,
  • To grow as a “must-read” online news and feature service for business and professional leaders and emerging leaders who are involved or wish to become active in economic development and wish to gain and maintain insights into the opportunities and challenges facing Africa.
  • To develop the networking and market intelligence facilities of as a means of stimulating trade, investment and joint ventures – locally and internationally. The process will be driven by entrepreneurs and innovators through partnership projects with a range of corporations.

The Portal

The portal will be structured broadly along the lines of the diagram below, which represents a starting point and a model for further expansion:


A clear value proposition that emerges from the above structure is the ability and resources to produce print publications that leverage off the content in each sub-portal. The ability to sell advertising based on these topics of great interest will be a key revenue model of AfricaPositive.

The Business

The revenue streams that form the foundation of AfricaPositive’s business model will be based on selling information and marketing services which complement and add value to’s core publishing activity. These include:

  1. Advertising: page and section sponsorships
  2. Advertising: banner advertisements
  3. Advertising: text advertisements
  4. Advertising: Google Adwords
  5. Advertising: Sponsored features and discussions/forums
  6. Advertising: One-off “annual”-type publications covering topics of great concern and interest to investors, policy-makers and other stakeholders in Africa.
  7. Surveys and special reports which complement the printed material in our media partners’ publications and broadcast channels.
  8. Pan-African and global subscription services for media partner publications – linked to the abovementioned editorial and advertising reciprocity deals.
  9. Business intelligence research reports for local and international clients – produced by AfricaPositive’s editors and its panel of technical experts
  10. Exhibitions, conferences and networking events

The potential

As Africa becomes increasingly recognised as a continent of opportunity and a region that rewards investors handsomely, the need and potential for a concept like AfricaPositive grows by the month. The opportunity for AfricaPositive is to make a great contribution, but also to reward its own investors, as Africa becomes a focal point of global economic activity.