Draining pool pump energy costs

Meinhard Fourie

, an energy expert from Cape Town, was a runner-up in the Innovation category of Eskom’s 2011 eta Awards for a, energy-saving pool pump motor. 

There are approximately a million swimming pools in South Africa and this number is expected to grow at 3% per year. The size of pump motors installed ranges from 0.55kW to 1.1kW. Generally a swimming pool has to filter for 10 to 12 hours a day.  This translates to approximately 0.6GW of installed capacity in South Africa; enough to meet the electricity demand of 500 000 average households

As a result Meinhard started investigating the development of an energy efficient swimming pool pump motor some two years ago. Various prototypes were built and tested until a suitable solution was found to satisfy the South African market from both a cost and energy perspective.

Meinhard installed his pool pump on a pool and has achieved a saving of approximately 3kWh per day without compromising on run times. This will be especially beneficial to pool owners running chlorinators.  This is an extremely innovative approach to pumping solutions which has the potential to cost effectively meet a much broader application.