For a few dollars more …

Paseka Lesolang can save billions of litres of water for South Africa.

Paseka Lesolang

Paseka has invented a flushless organic enhancement for standard toilets that can save 140 litres of water per day for an average four person household. It also removes the need for users to touch a flush handle, reducing the potential for contact with pathogens. A complementary digester converts waste to fertiliser.

As a dynamic young entrepreneur, Paseka has succeeded in making it to the final 50 or so applicants to the Unreasonable Institute project’s six week workshop in Boulder, Colorado USA out of over 300 applicants from 55 counties. Here he will be exposed to world class mentorship, networking, potential investors, technical assistance and legal and design consultants.

The catch is that the finalists have to raise the $10 000 attendance fee in small scale contributions from supporters in their home environments. At the moment, the most that any one person can sponsor Paseka for is $100. This is designed to demonstrate the finalists’ marketing abilities, because only the first 25 to reach the amount will get to attend.

If Paseka can get a hundred sponsors for $100 in the next couple of weeks or even more people donating just a few dollars, he will get a jump start to becoming a world class entrepreneur and be able to commercialise and market his invention. But it’s a race to be one of the 25 attendees to the high-intensity accelerator workshop.

Donations can be made for Paseka at . The Unreasonable Institute is a non-profit organisation named after a quotation from George Bernard Shaw “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

Mentors range from high placed corporate executives such as Tony Prophet from HP, to Paul Polak, an entrepreneur who has helped 19 million farmers move out of poverty. The six week programme ends with a pitch from the attendees to hundreds of potential funders and supporters.