Cycle from Jozi to Cape Town for the Sunflower Fund Tour of Light

Each year thousands of South Africans, mostly children and teenagers, are diagnosed with blood disorders such as leukaemia, marrow failure and aplasia.  For most, their only chance of survival is a bone marrow / stem cell transplant.  Sometimes it’s possible for a relative to be a donor, but most patients are not so lucky and so a search for a matching, non-related donor must begin.  This is a daunting and traumatic task, with the chance of finding a matching donor just 1 in 100 000.
This year, to help raise funds for the Sunflower Fund Tour of Light, which aims to find appropriate donors, Ida and Dave Millard are riding from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Yes, that is correct, 1412km in just eight days on a tandem bicycle. They then plan on riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour which is another 110km.
Following is an update of their 4th day on the road:
After yesterday’s great tail wind to Colesburg, Mother Nature put some balance back in the world and made us realise nothing is for free. After an easy start, the wind came on the nose and just kept building. Although a much shorter day at 139km, it was really hard work.
Two things you will notice from the route profile. The road is straight for the whole leg, not a single turn, and the drag up from 65km goes on for 55km with almost no respite.
Today the team really worked well, keeping tight to keep shelter from the wind. Our personal bunch riding skills are improving consistently. Ida and I have generally trained on our own on the tandem so are new to riding in such a tight pack.
Butt eina index: 9/10
Tonight we are in Richmond in a fairly simple B&B. Very early start for a big stage of 180km to Beaufort West and we enter into the Western Cape.
Our fund raising is going really well.
To find out more about their funding and progress click on the following link: