Access Media is an autonomous division of AfricaPositive which assembles the combined skills and experience of magazine and newspaper circulation and distribution experts with more than 30 years’ track record behind them.

Access Media incorporates O&J Media which currently provides complimentary distribution of 98 quality magazine titles to over 5 000 doctors’ rooms. The immediate goal is to expand that distribution to at least 30 000 medical practices and institutions around the country.

This distribution channel will then be expanded to reach new audiences and include other forms of institutions such as sports and social clubs. Access Media will also offer other subscription sales promotion and circulation services to more than 100 titles. Once the concept has been thoroughly proven and is operating efficiently, it will be extended into Africa and internationally to countries such as Australia.

Access Media also offers magazine publishers a unique, second generation digital technology epublishing tool called eSuperSub. eSuperSub provides publishers with secure, superior digital subscription services software to increase subscription sales worldwide without the costs of printing and postage.

As a second generation ePublishing tool, eSuperSub resolves many of the early problems associated with digital magazines.

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