Africa³ Foundation


The AfricaCubed Foundation is a not-for-profit and politically non-partisan development organisation consisting of a combination of AfricaPositive Network members, philanthropists and subscribers, and potential AfricaCubed Technology’s (ACT) investors.

They contribute funds into ACT and AfricaPositive-endorsed development projects, organisations and programmes. These initiatives in turn are designed to generate wealth and work for entrepreneurial, innovative, honest and industrious Africans – regardless of race, sex, faith, origin or locality.

Contributions and subscriptions are tax deductible and may come in various forms – ranging from donations, sponsorships and monthly subscriptions of US$10 and US$100 for individuals to US$1000 for corporates and development agencies with escalation of benefits. Initially, funds will be invested primarily into ACT’s establishment, IP leasing costs, fund raising and infrastructure, as a multimedia economic development agency.

In return, The Foundation will acquire a 20% equity stake in the company. The underlying philosophy is that all AfricaPositive development initiatives are designed to become self funding in the medium to long term. Once ACT becomes self-funding through investments and profits, The AfricaCubed Foundation’s dividends will be recycled into ACT’s wealth multiplier projects.

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