AfricaPositive Network


The AfricaPositive Network is a voluntary association of like-minded leading opinion-makers, successful media and business people, innovators and entrepreneurs, who subscribe to the goals and values of The AfricaPositive Campaign. From their ranks will come the investors and donors who will fund The AfricaCubed Foundation.

The AfricaPositive Network consists of established and emerging business and professional leaders across Africa and in the Diaspora who support AfricaPositive’s wealth and work creation initiatives and ventures by contributing their time, talents, resources and/or finance directly into the business or into the AfricaPositive Foundation. In a word the Network’s mission is to turn Africa into a global leader.

In return they receive the following benefits:

  1. Recognition as contributors to a brighter, better and winning continent and a proud legacy.
  2. Access to attractive trade, investment and joint venture development opportunities.
  3. First sight of revolutionary exciting new technologies for joint ventures or lucrative investments before they are exposed to a global audience through ACAP owned or aligned media.
  4. First options at preferential rates to buy shares in ACAP when they become available to the public.
  5. Free or significant discounts to publication and club subscriptions across the Continent and abroad.
  6. Authoritative quality newsletters and networking facilities and events owned or organised by APN members and associates.
  7. Research facilities and introductions to peer group leaders in other countries.

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