Innovation Exchange


Many innovators and entrepreneurs exist and work in a vacuum that doesn’t give them the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential, as the originators and proponents do not have funds, financial expertise, legal expertise, manufacturing skills and ability, marketing, expertise, materials, IT capability, mentors, human resources, networking or management skills for development to take place.

The Innovation Exchange (IX) will enable Africa’s innovators to commercialise great ideas and will provide an online forum for the provision of guidance, assistance, support and promotion for these innovators/entrepreneurs and their inventions/intellectual capital and, where appropriate, will derive an income stream for the company.

IX will provide an outsource function of whatever nature is required for a fee, a shareholding/equity, a profit share or, under exceptional circumstances, provide services “pro bono”.

Other fee-based activities include a search or research fee for sourcing the services stakeholders require. Introduction fees for introductions for stakeholders that result in a benefit to them.

IX will also be a networking forum for all stakeholders, participate in joint ventures with stakeholders, motivate, inspire, empower and connect innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. It will provide inspiring, useful and uplifting success stories and business leads on a range of subjects. It will identify and market exciting business and development opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors at all levels and in all economic sectors.

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